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Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Agus Khairi

Those two chapters of Momo can be analyzed by applying Moral Criticism, refer to the contain of the story as part of Momo. This criticism is appropriate to be applied in these two chapters by the reason that a literary work has to teach attitude to the reader within it. Through literary work, author show the reader good and bad thing that can happen in daily life. To analyze those moral or attitudes in literary work, in this case, Momo, the reader come up with Moral Criticism.
Furthermore, Moral Criticism is appropriate to be applied to those two chapters because the Story of Momo consist of teaching about how do the person caring time in their life. Ofcourse as a story, Momo has attitude to be taught to the reader like others literary work do. Because Moralist believe that every literary work has moral value or attitude that should be delivered to the reader as taught. Moreover, theme in this story about time is interesting to be made as taught for human being in real life. So that is why the important hing that shpuld be considered in this story is moral, as stated in Guerin, Labor, Morgan, Reesman, and Willingham (2005, p. 78) “the important thing  is  the  moral  or  philosophical  teaching”. It means that structure, plot, setting etc. in the story are the secondary focus for the reader and moral becomes primary focus.
The other reason can be proposed to strengthen that Moral criticism is appropriate to be applied to this work is that one of feature in moral critics, features of the social act, “evolved instincts for belonging, caring,  and  shared  experience  do  some  of  the  work  of motivating individuals to behave in ways that sustain social relations (Churchland, 2012; Deigh, 1996; Joyce, 2006; Rai &  Fiske,  2011) in Voiklis, Cusimano, and Malle (2014, p. 1700)”. Those instinct for belonging and caring are shown in Momo, roled by the characters of the story. How Men in Grey want to have the time for theirs and take it from Momo. Otherwise, Momo try as strong as she can to take care the time in order that Men in Grey can not take it out from herself.
To sum up, the story of Momo can be analyzed by using an approach that focus on Moral or attitudes are taught from the story, that is Moral Criticism. This critic come up with believe that every literary work has moral or attitudes should be taught to the reader when he/she reads the story/literary work.

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Voiklis, J., Cusimano, C., & Malle, B. (2014). A Social-Conceptual Map of Moral Criticism. Proceeding of 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 1700-1705. 

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